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Enjoy the ultimate combat action with water wars, Coming Soon on app store


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Dec 26, 2011
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If you like action games, I bet you’ll love it

Water wars, a free iPad game coming soon on app store!.
Water Wars is a combat game play on water. Attack and destroy your opponent’s aircrafts and ships by swiping with your finger across the screen to draw a straight attack line. If your attack line crosses the center of the opponent’s ship or aircraft, their ship or fighter jets is destroyed in an explosive ball of flames.
Main Features:

· Local Play: Where two players play against each other on the same iPad

· Social Play: Where two players play against each other remotely via Game Center.

· Multiple game maps to choose from

· Each game includes a 2 battleships, 1 speedboat, 1 fighter jet, and 1 helicopter to play with

· Players can earn up to 7 different achievements.

· Each map contains different layouts and some different obstacles.

· On screen help to understand the game play more quickly.

Keep up with the latest WaterWars news and updates at:

Facebook: Water Wars | Facebook

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