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[emoji1785]Parasite under iPhone Glass with GORILLA Glass and spigen cover


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May 30, 2020
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I wish you a good day. I use an iPhone 6 - together with the Apple Watch 3. I have an iPhone 6 with a Gorilla Glass and a Spigen case. I often put an iPhone under the UV lamp for sterilisation and a 5cm parasite appeared on the display which had a head at the top and ended at the home button. After removing the spigen cover, I found on the sides of the phone glued what I recognised as “ordinary aquarium precipitated coating - in the aquarium this dissolves into small aquatic animals" I work in conditions where there is a humid environment, where many people take places behind the shared PC. Last year I also visited Croatia near the sea where I noticed that the water I was cleaning got through the cover. Also, last year I started to suffer from severe stomach pain when I spend a long time with only an iPhone in my hand - I also play 6-8 hours of Call Of Duty Mobile - the lighting connector now shows the aquarium coating. Last time I removed the GORILLA glass and under it I found large micro animals stuck together, which were condensated - the same things were also formed under the cover of my watch. Please Apple - create integrated UV sterilisation for your products in displays. I also think that all iPhones with home Button are unhygienic.

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