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Ear Speaker Very quiet???


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May 7, 2011
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hi im new to this forum, so please go steady on me haha

iv got an iphone 4 16gb which i bought off a lad on gumtree, i went and picked it up and all was fine! tried everything out, ie bluetooth, speakers, mics etc.

the phone was locked to 02 and im on vodafone, so i did the 02 unlock procedure with a payasyou go sim.

anyway, its unlocked now and iv got my vodafone contract sim in it now and the phone is working fine except for the ear speaker being really quiet! and yes the incall volume is turned right up!

iv bought a genuine apple ear/receiver speaker and install it, and still no better!

there is no sign of water damage and dried water anywhere, and all the moisture detection stickers are still white!

i dont think i tried the ear speaker when i first got it, i dont know if this unlock procedure has anything to do with it? iv also done the 4.3.3 update via itunes, has this caused it?

all help appreciated!

thanks in advance!

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