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Doodle Pool Updated and Going Cheap


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Jun 18, 2010
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Big Head Games's hand-drawn Doodle Pool game has just had an iOS 4-friendly update and can now be downloaded from the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, for the bargain price of 59p/99c/0.79e. If you like your pick-up-and play casual games, then this looks like a lot of fun. Big Head Games is making a bit of a name for itself for making quality pool and snooker games, having already come out with the popular International Snooker.

According to Big Head Games' slightly mad press release, Doodle Pool was created by the notorious "Doodle" monster, who climbed into the Big Head Games development studio via a window that had been left open at night, and "left its mark" in a half-finished pool game, giving birth to Doodle Pool, which has now been updated so that it's fully iOS 4 compatible. Not sure if the Notorious Doodle was responsible for the update or not, jolly nice of him if he was.

In the game, which BHG likens to "Angry Birds on a pool table", you get to take on some very silly-named opponents, including Huge Balls, Jonathon Rotten and Pretty Vacant, Bruce 'The Boss', The Astro Kid, Jackie Moon, to name but a few. Players can choose from UK 8-ball, US 8-ball and US 9-ball, with either one- or two-player modes. There's also a special Time Attack mode where the fastest player to clear the table can enter a Time Attack high score via OpenFeint.

Source: Big Head Games
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