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Oct 11, 2011
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I just switched from an iphone 2G to a 3GS. For almost four years now I have averaged about 100 MB per month. I have just sent for a text message (48 hours since signing the contract) about usage and it states I have used 88.6 MB in two days. I contact customer support, they say "it's all about the apps you have downloaded" ok, fine (only 10 apps BTW). I then measure the next eleven hours with minimal to no usage and I see that I have incurred 21.4 more MB of data. Now remember, I have never exceded 200MB of my unlimited plan under 2G in fourty-five months. I call customer service again. They give me the song and dance that it's all about it being a new phone and updates will be a first month occurance.. So after turning off my Cellular Network Data for approx. five hours, I decide to devise a test: I turn CND back on and surf Wikipedia for seven minutes. During this time period I incurred 2.8 MB, WTF!!?? I have the 200 MB cap, because I never even got close to that allowance, now I am seventy-two hours into my 3GS and I have over 50% of my data allotment..
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