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DJ machine Jambeat!!


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Sep 2, 2010
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The application that turns your iPhone into a portable DJ Machine ! This application has now been officially released on the iTunes App Store across the world.

Jambeat lets you play new music with almost every function available. You can enjoy Jambeat now as a free iPhone app, as well as paid app. There is much to enjoy and play with more than 20 sampling data per genre, allowing you to create almost unlimited mixes right on your iPhone.

With perfect reaction timing with no delays right on your touch screen, you can mix and sample to any beat with a touch of your fingers. Jambeat also features a “multi-play” feature enabling you to play other music while the current music plays using the “Hold” function at any time.

The application is sorted by each genre, which comprises of five albums each, and you can download your preferred genres at any time. Watch for future albums for Jambeat as we add more and more in the future.

Now, Jambeat Extra, Lite, Hip-Hop, and B-Boy are on the iTunes Store.