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Discover Card Now Supported By Apple Pay


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Since its launch late last year, Apple Pay has been spreading all around the world, with more places supporting the service every day. Folks with Visa, American Express and Mastercard have been able to link accounts to Apple Pay since day one. However, folks with Discover cards were out of luck ever since launch.

9to5Mac reports starting today, Discover card holders can now link their accounts to Apple Pay. The only caveat here is that the iOS 9 update is mandatory to use the feature with Discover. Discover member's also have an added incentive to use Apple Pay, as the financial services company is promising 10% cashback on in-store purchases up to $10,000.

Unfortunately, due to the unexpected delay of watchOS 2, the Apple Watch will not be able to use Apple Pay with Discover until the update is finally released. Folks using the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus NFC technology will have no problem using Discover on iOS 9.