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Deutsche Telekom Hints at NFC-Enabled iPhone Coming This Year


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Jun 18, 2010
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The Mobile World Congress continues today in Barcelona Spain, and Engadget has managed to glean a very interesting snippet of information from Deutsche Telekom’s press conference today, where the German parent company of T-Mobile announced it would be launching NFC payment in various handsets this year, with T-Mobile USA being included in this roll-out. Although the official press release handed out by DT doesn’t mention Apple, Engadget reports that the Apple name was seen on a slide deck that was given out to attendees at the conference. It’s possible that someone at Deutsche Telekom has let slip something they shouldn’t have, especially as the iPhone was not mentioned in the press release. This certainly all helps to pour more fuel on the ever growing fire that the next iPhone will have NFC capabilities built in, and of course, if true, this would be something that Apple would want to announce itself when launching the iPhone 5 later this year, hence it being excluded from the Deutsche Telecom press release.

Source: Deutsche Telekom rolling out NFC payments with T-Mobile USA, other markets this year; NFC iPhone along for the ride? -- Engadget