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Despite slight decrease, the iPhone still tops smartphone customer satisfaction


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Nov 27, 2012
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If you are an iPhone owner, then you’re most likely very happy with your device and you don’t regret buying it. Nevertheless, a new American Customer Satisfaction Index claims that in terms of customer happiness, the smartphone market dropped 2 percents compared to 2012.

Even so, Apple managed to come up on top of the "food chain" again, surpassing its competition yet again. The company scored 81 out of 100 when it comes to its iconic device, the iPhone.

Coming in at number two after Apple, is Motorola who has managed to score 77 this year. This represents a positive transition for the company, which added another 5% to its customer ratings. But by far the most impressive advancement was experienced by Apple’s arch enemy – Samsung. The Korean giant managed to increase with 7% the satisfaction of those who purchased Samsung smartphones. However, the company needs to keep up the trend if it ever hopes of catching up with Apple. The recent release of its latest handset the Galaxy S4 might have helped Samsung’s cause, so more results will probably start showing up.

Another company that managed to maintain a positive feedback from customers was Nokia. BlackBerry remained in the same place as in 2012, scoring the same 69 points for overall customer satisfaction. The companies that experienced losses in percents were HTC and LG Electronics.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index represents a massive endeavor which includes polls applied to 70,000 people throughout the country that deal with 43 different industries and 10 economic sectors.

Source: Cnet


Feb 10, 2011
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Interesting, but who did the math?

Motorola 73 in 2012, 77 in 2013, 5% change?

Samsung 71 in 2012, 76 in 2013, 7% change?

What am I missing?
Feb 3, 2013
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Even if Apple didnt get the top rank, I still dont regret have apple devices. hihihihi. Android is really good but I feel so safe with apple. The quality says it all.