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DailySync Pro - iPhone news reader app


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Dec 18, 2011
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DailySync Pro is a news reader app for iPhone. This app also includes Twitter, Facebook and calendar clients.

The main features include
  • Content is presented in a easy to use visual layout
  • The content sources (websites, blogs, etc) can be organized into multiple lists
  • Mark the articles/posts as "read" as you view them, so that you can focus on fresh content
  • The app is optimized for fast loading and display
  • You can share items on social networks and by email
  • The app is optimized for efficient access to large number of sources
  • A large selection of sources are configured into the app for you to browse and discover new and interesting sources of content across many categories including
    • Technology, Politics, Fashion, Food, Entertainment, LifeStyle, Design, Sports, etc.
The app store link to download - App Store - DailySync Pro

Here are a couple of screenshots

$Screenshot 2011.12.14 15.09.58.jpg ******* $Screenshot 2011.12.14 15.08.39.jpg ******* $Screenshot 2011.12.14 15.11.28.jpg
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