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Cut the Rope Holiday Gift Out Now!


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Jun 18, 2010
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ZeptoLab and Chillingo are giving all the Cut the Rope fans out there a fantastic present with a new free edition of the best selling game – Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift. The game starts with a mysterious gift landing on your doorstep, containing the ever-hungry yet ever-loveable alien, Om Nom, who demands, in a cute, yet insistent, manner that you fill his mouth with his beloved candy. You do this by swiping your finger across the rope that’s attached to the candy to send it falling into Om Nom’s mouth. As well as feeding Om Nom, there are also three golden stars to collect on each of the 25 stages if you want to earn maximum points. Christmas socks have also been introduced as an added gameplay element. They always come in pairs, enabling you to drop candy inside one and teleport it out of the other sock.

Aside from the addition of new unlockable achievements, the backgrounds and graphics have also been given a Christmas makeover, with Christmas-themed music and a new introductory video, Christmas decorations and Christmas trees. Even Om Nom is entering into the holiday spirit, by getting up to all manner of festive tricks, including ringing hand bells and donning novelty antlers. Gotta love him! If you haven’t already played Cut the Rope, this is a fantastic way to get yourself addicted!

Click here to download the free game, which is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch: Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Source: Chillingo