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Crowd Funded Horror Game Could Signal the Future of Augmented Reality Games on iOS


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Jul 27, 2011
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Here's a spooky treat to distract your imagination on this Monday morning. It's too bad it's not Halloween because this scary ghost game would be perfectly timed for that holiday. What we found is a new crowd-finding campaign for some folks planning on developing a slick new Augmented Reality concept for iOS.

The idea is that they can overlay ghosts and ghouls on to your iPad or iPhone display right in your own home! The way the game works is you just turn off all of the lights, then fire up the game on your iPhone or iPad and the AR engine will take care of the scares!

The presentation from the developers seems a little cheesy, but if they can pull off what they are intending in the game, then we could see the future of Augmented Reality entertainment (or at least one genre of it). What do you think? Would you want to use your iPad or iPhone to visualize a bunch of horrifying specters roaming about your own home?