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couple questions before buying


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Sep 17, 2010
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First off,
all you read about when comparing iphone to android is the lack of flash support on the iphone.. how much of a big deal is this to everyone when surfing the net?

I use comcast email, is that compatible with the iphone 4? I really don't want to switch to gmail.

I had other questions but can't think of them right now...

thanks in advance for help..
Dont know about comcast, perhaps other members can help you there, but as far as android goes, I personally switched from android. I had iphone 3g for some time that decided to upgrade to an android HTC aria. I hated the phone. Yes you can customize it but the simplicity of use and the keyboard is so much better on the iphone.
Yes, comcast will work just fine. Most use gmail because it's free push which means emails come in instantly vs every 15min. If that's a feature you want you can always setup a gmail and use both. As far as flash goes so many sites are building sites that are compatible with the iPhone. Also if you really need to use a site most all have a mobile version. In my experience 1 out of every 50 sites has a video I can't play....
Flash just uses data and slows your phone down. I don't miss it at all (but I would on my home computer).
There is a free Comcast app that you can use for email and access to all folders, Comcast address book that you can sync, access to digital voice, the guide and on demad to watch trailers.