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could not scan for wireless networks??


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Jul 19, 2010
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picked up my first iphone today, 4, came home and found thats theres no service in my home, trying to use my wireless at home and keep getting 'could not scan for wireless networks' and only option is 'dismiss' - can anybody tell me what to do? is it related to no service?
Your Wifi should work fine as long as your iPhone 4 is activated. You do not need a sim card for that to work.

Can you click "other" and enter the information manually? Do you have some crazy encryption settings in your router?
thanks for the response - phone is activated, did it apple store today, however its not picking up my network and yes i have a crazy long security code from about 5 years ago but works fine with my macbook which ive tried to enter manually?
so the iPhone will let you manually enter other network? If so, are you checking the correct security setting you have for your wireless router (i.e. WEP, WPA2, etc.)?

Do you have a limit of how many wireless connections can log onto your network?

Just throwing out ideas. I am no expert, but troubleshoot this kind of stuff all the time personally with good success.
Try a reboot, if still nothing, try a "Reset All Settings". Go to Settings > General > Reset > click Reset All Settings.
interesting thought on wireless device limit. i'll try the reset. thanks again!
also, i dont know what type of setting WEP, WPA2, etc i have to i was just trying them all, problem?
You're router has to be broadcasting its SSID to connect for the very first time. After that you can turn off SSID broadcast.