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Could my iPhone 4S be compromised?


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Jan 9, 2013
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Hello. I apologize in advance is this has already been addressed. I seared the forums and the internet for situations similar to mine and could not find anything, thus I am here in the forums.

Last night my mother and I were sending text messages to one another. She later called me and explained she received a text message from me that was a bunch of gibberish and purple dots showed up on the text conversation screen before the message appeared (I assume the dots looked like those that appear when you click Siri in the text message screen). I told her I did not send any more messages and just to keep an eye on her phone and let me know if she notices it acting weird.

This morning I sent my mom a text message. About 15-20 minutes later my phone was locked and I received a notification that my mom texted me and the message looked like the gibberish she explained she received from me last night. Once I clicked the "Home" button the screen went black and then the Apple logo appeared like me phone was restarting. The text notification was no longer visible in the lock screen.

Could someone have hacked into my phone or my mom's? If so, what should we do? I currently have my phone turned off and I told my mom to do the same. I have not left my phone unattended and neither has my mom, thus we know no one had their hands on it.

Thank you for any assistance you can give!


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Aug 15, 2012
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It's very unlikely that your iPhone has malware from basic use. It might just be a hiccup or a spam. Every so often, when I try picking up the phone or replying to a message in my lockscreen, my device jumps into safe mode. I get a lot of spam messages as well. As usual, don't open any emails or texts from an unknown sender, it'll always pose risks as they can incorporate whatever spyware or malware they're hoping you'd open into something like Jailbreakme where you'll basically install/trigger it on your device.