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Control Spy Tank With Your iPhone!


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Jun 18, 2010
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iDownload Blog today features a really cool new gadget from iHelicopters, the same people that brought you other iPhone-controlled gadgets such as the iUFO, and other assorted cars and helicopters. This latest invention is an iSpy Tank, which comes complete with a free app that enables you to control it by tilting your iPhone. Aside from just being a vehicle that you can control and have fun racing around the house, the iSpy Tank also has a built-in camera, hence the name! iDownload Blog says that the camera angle can be controlled in-app, and you can also stream the video feed right onto your iPhone’s screen in real-time, as well as taking still pictures, so plenty of spying potential there! The iSpy Tank can be controlled via Wi-Fi, and has a range of 30 meters. The price is $99 (an introductory offer of $10 off), complete with free shipping worldwide.

[FONT=&quot]Source: [/FONT]iSpy Tank: an iPhone-controlled tank with built-in spy cam
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