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Contact List Entries Disappear -Outlook/iPhone 4


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Dec 22, 2010
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I use MS Outlook for all my contact list entries, about 400 entries in all.

I do not store contact entries into "My iPhone" contact group.

For the most part the sync between my Outlook Contact entries to my iPhone works.....and visa versa.

Once in awhile, about 300+ contact entries (previously sync) disappear from my iphone contact list.

The symptom is that the Favorite and Recent functions in the PHONE APP, will display phone numbers rather than name from contact list. Same thing with text message display, instead of contact name listed, the phone number is listed. This tells me that those entries have disappeared (un-sync'd) in my list of contacts on iPhone.

Eventually the iPhone syncs back up with my Outlook. Seems to be the same entries that disappear and there are about the same 100 that don't disappear.

Anyone else have this experience? I have called Applecare, their solution is save everything onto iTunes and reload. Guess what? Problem still showed up yesterday.

I can't tell the difference in my entries in Outlook that end up disappearing and the same ones that never disappear from iPhone contact list.

What I do to resolve issue is that I go to my Contacts App on the iPhone, open up contact list....which then starts syncing process between Outlook and iPhone. Of course this could take 5-10 minutes. Any ideas? Solutions?

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