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Connect iPhone 4 to TV via RCA cable


New Member
Has anyone been able to connect the iPhone 4 to a TV via RCA cable? It didn't work with iOS3, I'm wondering if it works now with iOS4. Thanks.
I can watch Netflix and what ever videos i have on iTunes with the Apple Component Cables. I could do the same on my 3G whey back when.


New Member
Yes it works, with Apple Composite AV Cable, I tried with a different brand AV cable, did not work.


New Member
can't play netflix over av cables because agreement with apple so Apple TV won't become obsolete. Jailbroken way through app with cydia makes it possible. I think TVout2


New Member
I am using a Rocketfish COMPONENT video cable and it looks fantastic with movies! Especially the movies I put on my phone from bluray. Its like having a tiny portable dvd player.