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@comex #iPhone4 #jailbreak to be leaked in the next 24hrs?


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Jun 25, 2010
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Just seen this on the iPhone Dev-Team Blog:-

Anyone seen @iMacRats twitter update?

I have the leaked @comex #iPhone4 #jailbreak , unlike him, I am releasing/hosting within next 24h. #iPhone @geohot @planetbeing @musclenerd

As much as I want it to be released, I dont know about this. First his Frash code, now this. I wouldnt be surprised if he decided to stop finding exploits. That is, granted iMacRat isnt BS'ing

here's waiting......................
iMacRat's latest tweet:-

I will be releasing screenshot/veency pics soon, demo video will be posted YouTube michaelwithe21 channel RapidShare link ETA: 3pm today
this guy is another attention whore. nothing was leaked and he's avoiding his twitter account because he knows he's full of it.
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Yeah what did he say? 24 hours? I think its been 24 hours. He full of it. Dev team/comex is close anyways
Latest tweet:-

On Sunday 11th July 2010, @iMacRat said:

On Saturday I was confronted by @comex and other devs informing me that the new firmware being released soon has the jailbreak/unlock "check" from AT&T. You know, the one that disables ur phone if it finds ur device to be edited. Its the same one I was hoping would be a simple launchdaemon, well it's not that easy... I emailed everyone who i sent a copy to, informing them to restore their jailbroken iPhone4s, in fear that the update could cause a bricked phone. @comex has convinced me to wait till monday night to release torrent (9 seeders ;)... It's rumored the firmware will be out by then
i would just keep an eye on the dev team blog and when the news hits there then i would believe it