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College offers the very first course in iPhoneography


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May 27, 2010
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Austin, TX

Not so long into the past, people had no clue what an iPhone was. But in five short years, all that changed. And fast. Everywhere you turn now, people are talking on their iPhones, talking to their iPhones (to Siri to be more exact – and surprisingly they are getting answers too), taking pictures with their iPhones, organizing grocery lists, planning their outfits for the evening or surfing the Internet.

And now the iPhone will take things to the next level. How? Well, it will move into the world of education. Apparently the Chelsea College is the first University in the country that will be offering the first course related to the iPhone. It is called “iPhoneography: An Introduction to Photography” and is structured as a 5 week course that is due to run starting March.

If you are wondering what the students will learn, well it turns out that they will be thought a bunch of interesting techniques in order to better capture and create images using just the iPhone camera, accompanied by a selection of apps. Thus the students will be integrated in the iPhoneography community with a change to share and discuss things related to their work.

Professor Richard Gray is the tutor who will be in charge of teaching the class. He stated that he thought of seting up the course after noticing the amount of people who owned an iPhone but had no clue of how to handle the camera.
"iPhoneography is a great leveling force within photography. No longer do you need expensive or complex equipment to produce great images. All you need is a passion for photography and a creative mind.”

Source: newstoday.co.uk

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