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Christmas Spot the Difference game! Spotmania: Christmas Edition


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Dec 18, 2010
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Designed specially with Christmas in mind, Spotmania is an enjoyable spot the difference (photo hunt) game which features Christmas themed photos for gamers to be immersed in this festive season.

Our iphone app is most suitable for all ages and is truly an enjoyable experience when the game is played in groups or within the family members.

It is not just the usual spotting of missing objects between 2 images. This app is made much more interesting and challenging when players have to spot, besides missing items, different colored objects, different positions and even different sizes between 2 images.

Difficulty is made in progressive stages as players can pass after spotting 3 out of 5 errors for the first 3 rounds, 4 for the next 3 and finally find all 5 for the rest of the game. Thus players can get a hang of the game in the early stages yet get sufficiently challenged in subsequent stages.

And in the spirit of Christmas, Santa greets you with "Merry Christmas!" when you found the correct spot. Players, especially young kids will definitely be entertained by these jolly sound effects.

Last but not least, we added a little competitive element in our game by featuring an online scoreboard so that players can compete against each other to win Amazon vouchers just for this festive season! Contest ends at 31st December so hurry and get our game at

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and rise to the top of the chart!


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Christmas is coming! Spotmania is pleased to give away 2 PROMO Codes EVERYDAY till 24th December, watch this space!

20 December

Thanks Jane! Hope you enjoyed the app.

Here are the 2 promo codes for today.

21st December

Here are today's promo codes! Enjoy!

22nd December

Thanks Jane, hope you enjoyed the app!

Sorry my server was down during the holidays, so unable to update here.
Here are the 4 promo codes as promised. I will update another 2 promo codes to compensate after Apple estore is back to business again!

Hello all!

here are the 2 promo codes as promised!