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Chinese Site Claims Apple Watch will be Released in February 2015


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Apart from the new iPads, which are expected to be announced some time this month, Apple's next big step is the Apple Watch. Our favorite fruit company quoted "early 2015" as the device's release, but no specific date has been pinned on the board.

Chinese site Feng points to Taiwanese media, claiming that the Apple Watch will launch at some point in February 2015. It has been said before that Apple would be smart to release the device before Valentine's Day, being the next big "gifting" time of the year after December.

The report goes on to say that Apple is currently restricted to Apple Watch production because of GTAT's sapphire output. While the baseline Apple Watch Sport does not use sapphire, the stainless steel Apple Watch and Apple Watch Edition both use sapphire to cover the display.

However, Apple is in no way ready to unleash the beast that is the Apple Watch. Currently all devices handled by press have simply been non-functional models with videos of features playing on the displays. Apple is focusing on perfecting the software which will run on the Apple Watch. Previous reports claim that Apple is currently unhappy with battery life on the device and is looking to prolong it.

At the iPhone event in September, Apple announced WatchKit, which would allow third-party developers to create interactive notification for the Apple Watch itself. Still at this point, Apple has not said any word regarding the release date of the Apple Watch nor the SDK, however rumors claim that integration will come as the future iOS 8.2 update.

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