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China Telecom to Get iPhone 4S in a Month


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Jun 18, 2010
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According to a report on 9to5 Mac today, China Telecom will soon be carrying the iPhone 4S in China, possibly even by the end of February or the beginning of March. The news came via a press release from China Telecom subsidiary company, Beijing Telecom. This seems to indicate that China Telecom has now received the required approval from Apple to start selling the latest iPhone. According to 9to5 Mac, it will be a CDMA version of the iPhone 4S that China Telecom is launching, although there are no details regarding pricing as yet. [/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]9to5 Mac notes that China Telecom has 36.3 million 3G subscribers, quite some way behind rival China Mobile’s 51.2 million 3G subscribers. This puts China Telecom in third place in China, behind second largest carrier China Unicom, which already has the iPhone 4S since its launch in China the other week. With both China Telecom and China Unicom selling the iPhone 4S by March at the latest, Apple must be hoping to really have the whole market covered in the country by also getting China Mobile on board, but 9to5 Mac says that this does not look likely to happen as yet. You never know though![/FONT]

[FONT=&amp]Source: China Telecom says it will sell the iPhone 4S in a month | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence[/FONT]