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China Telecom Finally Launches the iPhone 4S


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacRumors reports that China Telecom has finally launched the iPhone 4S in China, making it the second carrier to be approved by Apple to sell the phone in the country. This is a huge deal for Apple, as China Telecom has 129 million mobile subscribers, and is also the largest carrier to have the iPhone on a CDMA network. According to M.I.C gadget, pre-orders for the China Telecom iPhone 4S have already exceeded expectations, coming in at over 200,000. M.I.C gadget adds that China Telecom will most likely get the better of Apple’s first iPhone 4S carrier in China, China Unicom, due to the fact that it has better prices and service. MacRumors says that China Telecom is offering the 16GB iPhone 4S to its customers for free on plans starting at 389 yuan ($62) per month on a two-year contract, or 289 yuan ($46) per month on a three-year contract.

Source: iPhone 4S Launches on China Telecom with 200,000 Pre-Orders - Mac Rumors

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