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Sep 1, 2010
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Hi, guys. My name is Chris. I am strongly interested in the smartphones and mobile devices in general.

I created a site thewebabout.com , powered by an artificial intelligence software, which automatically crawls the Web for opinions about smartphones.
There are many opinions about iPhone 4 and iPad

I am curious how you find it.

Looks ok, if not a bit sparse.

Don't particularly get the graph on the 'The people on the Web about iPhone 4' page. The iPhone 4 get's negative ratings for 'audio, keyboard, battery, the phone and call quality'??

I personally neither understand or agree with half of this stuff, so for that reason, I think I'll just stick to using Google to research products,

I hope that helps.
...it's difficult to substitute Google , however if you click around I bet you will find useful opinions which can not be easily found with a traditional search engine.

All the best,