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Carnivorous Plant Chomps Onto Your iPhone with Primal Plant Attack


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Jun 18, 2010
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Remember those innocent days when plants were just pretty decorative green things and not murderous aggressive killing machines? Well, get over it, because those days are long gone, and plants have now joined zombies and ninjas as perennial iPhone game villains, and occasional heroes. Take a look at the plant in Primal Plant Attack, for example. It's a carnivorous plant with a huge appetite for meaty food, which it pursues with fierce intensity, aided by its ability to bounce after its prey. Simply slide your finger over the screen in order to reach the insects, birds, bats and pterosaurs that the plant likes to gobble up in order to evolve to the next level. Not all of the critters will take it lying down though, as some have the ability to strike back at the rampaging plant with freezing and burning attacks.

You can grab yourself a slice of prehistoric plant-bouncing action in the App Store from October 29. No price details have been released at the time of writing.