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Can't change ringtones on iPhone after adding custom ringtone


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Jan 20, 2013
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I created a custom ringtone (Little GTO) for my husband in Garage Band. I successfully synced it to my iPhone from iTunes, but no matter what I do, his ringtone cannot be changed. I have deleted his contact info and recreated it, but that didn't help. I have powered off and restarted, but that doesn't work either. Any ideas?


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Aug 15, 2012
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Personally I try to do everything manually to make sure that there aren't any hitches, or that if there are hitches, I'll know exactly why they came about. If you want, you can try doing it manually. It's not entirely difficult, but it takes a few minutes more than using GarageBand.

1. Import your desired track into iTunes.

2. Go to "Get Info" on the desired track in iTunes, and determine the length or segment that you want to have as the ringtone.

3. CTRL/Right click the track and select "Create AAC version".

4. CTRL/Right click the newly created AAC version and select "Show in Finder" (Mac), or whatever the likely equivalent is on a PC…show file?

5. Go to the folder the AAC file is located in. It will be called songname.m4A. Rename the extension to m4r and move it to your desktop.

6. Go back to iTunes and delete the AAC version from your library.

7. Go to your desktop and double click the m4r file. It will be imported into iTunes as a ringtone.

The song that's in your library in iTunes won't be affected, just make sure that you reset the start and stop times of the track so that it doesn't just play just that fragment in the future

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