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Can't believe my iPhone 5 got water damaged so quick!


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Mar 20, 2011
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I have a decent case on my iPhone 5,
I didn't drop it in water, soak it in water or anything.
Like always I wake up in the morning and head to the bathroom with my phone in my hand.
Set it down next to me while I brush, same old routine everyday.
No water splashed onto my iPhone screen but when I was heading out, I unlocked my iPhone and see
water inside the screen. I quickly remove the screen protector to assure that it's inside the iPhone.
Goes to show that water managed to make it inside my iPhone.
I just don't see how its possible to cause so much damage from very little water that managed to touch the phone.
And I had a good casing on.

I tested out my speakers, they went bad. I tested out headphones and they work fine.
So now I'm stuck with a iPhone with a huge water glare on the middle of the screen and speakers not working.
I'm trying the uncooked rice trick to see if it will manage to get the water out or atleast dry it out.

I've checked the iPhone 5 sim tray to see if the water indictor went off but it didn't.
It's still white.

So now I'm wondering if theres a water indicator on the iPhone 5 headphone jack like there was on the previous iPhone 4.
Last week I made a trip to the Apple store to get my Headphones replaced and they checked to see if it was my iPhone,
I saw them flash a light into the headphone jack and than look into the sim tray.
So I'm assuming that theres a water indicator on the headphone jack. Hopefully that didn't get triggered. I can't seem to spot it though
even with a light.

Do you think Apple will replace my iPhone under warranty if the water indicators didn't go off and the water on the screen completely dried?
Just say that the speakers aren't working, and they really aren't working. I know liquid damage is not covered but, without warranty how much is a replacement? I heard it's around 229$ in US currency.

EDIT: The Phone is working perfectly fine except for the speakers. The screen touch sensitivity is fine and everything else.
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Feb 3, 2012
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If the water gets dried out. And there's no obvious sign of water damage. Yeah they'll give you a new one. The water indicator is always in head jack and sim tray. GL

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