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Nov 1, 2010
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Hi guys! I have a question for you!
I have my iPhone for more than a year now and I never like the native calendar so I bought pocket informant (I used it with window mobile for a couple of years in the past and loved it!)
But with iPhone is different, pocket informant is not so brilliant and I got used to some different apps for different issues.
What I mean is I use awesome note for my notes and tasks and shopshop for my shopping lists (so I can share with my husband), contacts I use stl contacts (used groups till a couple of days ago).
Now all I need is a good solo calendar.
I wonder which calendar do you use, please don't tell me the native one...
What I need is:
A calendar app that sync with google calendar
A calendar with list view, today view, week view, month view (with possibility of view details of a day I click on on the bottom for instance), year view, birthdays included would be an asset.
Have the possibility to drag and drop appointments to change from one day to the other or one hour to the hour, or the feature copy paste or move.
Be themed, I hate to look at the same look every time
To be able to create categories for my appointments and assign different colors to it
Have the feature to create templates for appointments so I can simply create one and apply it whenever I need it!
I think it's all about what I need.
Please tell me what you use and what is the calendar that I need with all this needs!
Thanks for your help!
It's been really hard to find one thg fits my needs. That's why I'm asking for your help!

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