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Aug 25, 2011
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I all, need some advice. I'm eligible for upgrade from my LG chocolate next week. I've never had a smart phone, so looking to the Iphone 4 as it would work well with my Ipad 2. With that said, reading that the Iphone 5 will be released in the next month? I can get into a 4 now with a two-year contract for 199, minus 30 (for upgrade bonus) plus the smartphone trade in. Basically make the iphone 4 to me about
$70... As far as the anticipated upgrades to the Iphone 5...I'm not much of a camera guy and the 4 sounds like a major upgrade to my LG...Overall the Iphone 4 is still selling, (was in my local Verizon and watched a couple being sold)...Potentially it looks like the Iphone 5 would not be available in the 16G (which is all I need)...So I'm thinking that I could wait for the 5, but by losing the $100 smartphone credit and paying for the 32G (only option) I could be paying close to $200 more for the 5. As the current 4 would be a real upgrade for me as a first time smart phone, what do you think? Take the best deal now and be happy for a couple of years or wait for a month or so, pay more money ( I know I'm assuming some stuff)...Thanks for the input....Sorry for the long first time post! Jeff
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