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Burberry Shoots Entire Fashion Show on iPhone 5s


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Jun 18, 2010
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Last week we told you how Burberry was being given special access by Apple to the new iPhone 5s, including being able to shoot footage and take pictures at its London Fashion Week runway show. The show took place yesterday, and today Pocket-lint has a great feature all about the show, including lots of lovely pictures of the new iPhone.

In the event, the spectacular Burberry runway show was shot in its entirety on 14 iPhone 5s’s. Nine of the phones were on the runway photographing the show, with three on a moving rail cam trained on the models, one on the roof, and one rigged up outside for red-carpet shots of the celebrities.

Burberry’s chief creative officer, Christopher Bailey, spoke to Pocket-lint about why the brand had chosen to team up with Apple, saying, “Apple has made technology very effortless and very natural…it also creates the most beautiful imagery and you can use that on a variety of different platforms like we have today.”

Bailey also talked about his friendship with Apple’s Jony Ive: “I’ve known Jony for a long time and he is a mate of mine and it is something that organically grew. It wasn’t some strategic plan that we had to do it.”

And as one of the lucky few who has managed to get their hands on the iPhone 5s early, Bailey said that his favourite feature is Slo-mo: “Everyone is obsessing over Slow-mo, oh my god. I was doing it last night in rehearsals and it was amazing.”

Source: Burberry's Christopher Bailey talks iPhone 5S, being mates with Jony, and the new spring/summer 2014 collection - Pocket-lint
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