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Build Themes On iPhone And iPod Touch With 'CodeThemed Mobile' 2.0 UPDATE


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hor7hvOFfOQ]Build Themes On iPhone And iPod Touch With 'CodeThemed Mobile' 2.0 UPDATE - iOS Vlog 538 - YouTube[/ame]​

CodeThemed has been around for awhile providing people with an easy way of creating and downloading themes. Before version 2.0, you were only able to make themes on your computer and transfer them to your device. Well, now that has changed and you can build themes right on your iDevice.

CodeThemed Mobile itself is free, but if you want to have the feature that allows mobile theme building it's going to cost your $.99. With this you can easily choose from preset icon themes or upload your own. This works by either snapping a picture or chewing one from your photo library. You can change the icons, dock, labels, wallpaper, and opacity within the editor. The app has a ton of sharing features too that will allow you to share your themes on Facebook, Twitter, etc. for everyone to upload. You may also look at the themes other people built to have a butt load of free goodies. Version 2.0 of CodeThemed Mobile is available NOW in Cydia for FREE with the option for an in-app purchase mobile Theme Builder.