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Brand new version of "Golf Ball Finder" for iPad, iPhone has been Launched on itunes


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Apr 18, 2012
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App Store - Golf Ball Finder


√ Worldwide Hit since 2009!
We are proud to present the original and best
selling "Golf Ball Finder" on the iphone, that all golfers need to own.

∆ Now includes a fully functioning scorecard built in! ∆

many golf balls did you lose this year?
How many incurred penalties?
more importantly, how much did those balls cost?

Never lose a ball
again, every golfer with an iPhone will find this the simple way to find your
ball quickly.


Golf Ball Finder
√ Filters out
foliage and grass so white golf balls stand out against trees, rough and fairway

√ Adjustable for Sunny / Dull weather conditions
√ Adjustable for Grass
type / Colour

Score Card
√ Quickest & Easiest to use score card
on the iPhone
√ Allows up to 10,000 unique courses
√ Automatic time
& date stamp each time you play
√ Immediate visual reference for each
player Red = 'over par' White = 'par' Green = 'under par'
√ Auto saves
Portrait or Landscape
√ Email your Scorecard to your friends or rivals

∆ How does it work? ∆

A golf course is predominantly made up
of browns, greens, and blacks (mostly reflecting from dirt, grass, bushes,
twigs, etc).

Golf Ball Finder uses a special blue filter that eliminates
all visible wavelengths except those at the blue end of the spectrum. This
special filter virtually eliminates light reflecting off grass and the dark
objects of the underbrush, thus high lighting white golf balls. Most dark
objects show up only as outlines while the white golf ball appears to glow with
a slight blue tint.

Some comments emailed to us:

better than the Glasses"
“Found my ball and two others this weekend, Great
“Finding my ball meant no penalty and I beat my friend, he was not
happy. Keep up the good work”

And here's the best bit - just find ball
and this app has paid for itself!


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