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Boot loop


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Oct 24, 2011
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I am trying to fix my cousin's iphone. I successfully used the guide to fix recovery loop to get the phone back up and running but it is stuck in a boot loop. My cousin told me that all of the sudden his phone took a dump and no longer worked and had to be restored. He tried to restore the phone but kept getting a 3194 error in Itunes. I thought no problem, I can fix this for him. I brought it home and kept receiving a (1) error when I would try. I tried many different ways to get it up and running and got a couple of other errors (2005) (6) (3194). Needless to say I have spent hours trying to get this phone back up and running and have tried EVERYTHING.

As I said, with this guide I was finally able to get the phone up and running. I got ios5 jailbroken and was happy as could be that I had fixed it, finalllyyyy! Now, here is my problem: the phone will boot up and everything works, for about 1 minute and then it just reboots. It just continues in this cycle over and over again. Do you all have any suggestions?

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