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Body Glove Vibe for iPhone 4 (Review, HD YouTube Review, & HQ Pics)

Austin Morrow

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Feb 4, 2011
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Body Glove Vibe for iPhone 4

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I recently stopped by my local AT&T shop the other day looking for a new case to buy (you know me, being a techaholic and never getting tired of owning a new case) and I was surprised to see that a few of the iPhone 4 cases were on sale. After taking a quick look around the case I noticed a case called the Body Glove Vibe. After thinking it over for a little while I said to myself that I have nothing to lose since it’s only five dollars. Also, it looked like a very stylish slider case. After just a few hours of putting on the case I instantly fell in love. Read of for the full review of the Body Glove Vibe polycarbonate slider case.

Basically, the Body Glove Vibe for the iPhone 4 is just a basic slider case that adds some overall polish and shine to the look of your phone. Now, you are probably asking why do I need this case If I already have an Incase Slider or a CaseCrown Glider? It’s not necessarily the need, but more of the want and the crave. Interested? Let’s dive in!

Before I take a look at the case up close, let me say that I do in fact own an Incase Slider that broke (result of a drop). While I absolutely loved the case I also though the were a few things missing that Body Glove has recognized in other case manufactures and started to capitalize on. First, unlike the Incase Slider, they have aligned the entire inside of he case with felt, whereas the Incase slider was lined with rubber rail guards. Also, this version of the case seems to work pretty well with my screen protector. Although, if you have a thicker screen protector that isn’t case friendly, it will most likely not work.

If you listen to music with your headphones then you will not be worried due to the fact that on the top of the case is one very generous cutout for the audio jack that extends all the way out to the sleep and wake button. On the left side of the case you have one large cutout for the volume buttons and the silent switch, and I had no trouble getting to any of these buttons and had no trouble in performing their functions. On the bottom of the case you have a very large cutout for your ports and almost all cables will fir in here just fine. Last but not least you will find a very large oval cutout for the camera and the flash. I am pleased to report that this case does not produce any washed out photos or things of that nature.

As far as slider cases go, this is one of the best that I have ever tried and not many excel in being a very well made slider style case. While I thoroughly enjoyed the Incase Slider I felt there were a few things meaning, and in my honest opinion, the Body Glove Vibe makes up for this in design, protection, and functionality.

Now, there are a couple things that I must note before you go out and purchase this. Those looking for drop protection will not find much when it comes this case. Since the Vibe is made out of polycarbonate, it will not take a hit well, as with all slider cases. Also, if you are not currently equipped with a slim screen shield that is case friendly, you may have to hold off, as you will get quite frustrated when trying to install this case.

Overall, this is one of the best cases that I have ever tried for my iPhone 4. You can pick up the Body Glove Vibe for the iPhone 4 in a few different colors on Body Glove’s website or at your local AT&T shop for $29.99 (AT&T is currently having a sale and this case is listed at a ridiculously low price of just 5$)

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TL_D7QjB2CM"]Here is my HD YouTube Review[/ame]

Hope you guys enjoyed the review!

On The Edge Apps Rating: 4.5/5





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