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Blow Your Whistle, Train Conductor!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Train Conductor 2: USA is a special all-American adaptation of the first hugely popular Train Conductor iPhone game, which was originally set in Australia. This latest version features many enhancements to the original game, including improved menu art, a simplified HUD, new music, new train models, a different look for stopped trains and varied environmental and weather effects, as well as the following five new levels featuring custom gameplay scenarios for US landmarks:

  • Miami Beach - Control the Metromovers on skyrails
  • The Grand Canyon - Connect steam trains over the gorge and deliver the trains carrying bombs before they fall into the crevice.
  • New York City - Deliver subway trains on the authentic color-coded New York City lines, 1, 4, A, Q and S. Pillars between the tracks add an extra level of challenge.
  • Nashville - Ghost and skull trains turn the country music capital on its head.
  • Las Vegas - Sort the pink and green ghost trains before they get caught by Hector the Fare Evader.
Train Conductor 2: USA is out now in the App Store for $0.99. The Voxel Agents say that an iPad version is also on the way.

Source: The Voxel Agents