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Bit.Trip Beat Arrives for iOS!


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Jun 18, 2010
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Gaijin Game's fantastic retro game, Bit.Trip Beat, finally gets released for iOS devices today, courtesy of publisher Namco Networks. Fusing Pong with interactive visual beats, each level in the game features its own original chiptunes song that builds as the player deflects the onslaught of spectacular retro beats flying at them. Although that all might sound pretty simple, it's incredibly addictive stuff, with the beats all having different behaviors that represent multiple challenges, including a boss battle at the end of each level. As far as multiplayer action goes, up to two (for now, but in a future update this will be increased to four) players can join cooperatively via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi - each with their own distinct paddle.

The Bit.Trip series of games, which has already been a huge hit on Nintendo WiiWare, follows the hero, Commander Video, who boldly proclaims "I AM ONLY A MAN" as he soars through the cosmos and learns what it means to exist. Bit.Trip Beat is the first chapter in the six-game series, and introduces players to a world of imagination and wonder through a minimalist presentation of sight, sound and gameplay. Here's a fantastic quote about the series from Gaijin Games' Alex Neuse which really lets you know a little more about the amazing creative minds behind these stunning games:

“We're very excited for the Bit.Trip series to join in the fight against digital boredom alongside the rank and file of legendary Namco franchises, such as PAC-MAN, Katamari Damacy and Mr. Driller. When considering a publishing partner for our series on mobile devices, Namco was among our top choices. After playing the final iPhone version, we positively freaked out. Namco has brought an absolutely pure Bit.Trip experience to the mobile market and we look forward to continuing the series with them."

If you would also like to experience your own little Bit.Trip Beat "freak out" moment, as well you should, take a stroll to the App Store and download the game here, for $1.99/£1.19, or $6.99/£3.99 for the HD iPad version.

Source: Namco Networks