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Big News Coming From Pebble SmartWatch Tomorrow


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
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The Pebble SmartWatch has been a huge example for the wearable technology market. Since it's release, companies like Sony and Samsung have put out similar products on the market, and Apple is currently rumored to be working on an iWatch.

The Pebble has been a very successful product, making its way from Kickstarter, all the way to retail stores like Best Buy. However, with products like the Galaxy Gear, the non-color display Pebble is starting to seem a bit dated. While the company has kept quite in the past few months, Pebble's PR have just posted the following message on its KickStarter page:

This Wednesday, November 6th, we’ll be sharing the details. You’re invited to join our (hopefully less blue) livestream at 10am PST to hear the news first hand. Just visit www.getpebble.com Wednesday after 9am PST for a link to the event. If you’re currently developing for Pebble, or interested in creating apps for Pebble, then you should definitely tune in!

So what can this be? The message seems like it's aimed mostly towards Pebble app developers, but we could be wrong. Could the company be finally adding color to a second generation Pebble SmartWatch? We'll get the news to you guys after the event tomorrow at 10am.

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