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Best-Selling Heroes Lore RPG Set for iPhone


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Jun 18, 2010
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EA announced today that it’s bringing Heroes Lore, the #1 mobile RPG franchise from Korea, to the iPhone and iPod touch. In the game, the player gets to choose between playing as one of two characters, either fighting for the once-magical sky- kingdom of Neo-Soltia as Kei, or championing the Kingdom of Askra as Rits. Whichever side you choose to fight on, you can expect to enjoy over 30 hours of old-school RPG action, filled with virtually limitless maps, challenging quests, and fierce foes.

The single-player story mode extends over six detailed locations, from the Soltian Forest to the Enzak Desert, and there are also four major cities to explore. Every location is chock full of monsters, some of whom are nice, and some of whom are not so nice!

When it comes to fighting the not-so-nice monsters, both Kei and Rits each get to wield two types of weapons with five different classes. Each weapon provides nine offensive or defensive skills, enabling you to engage the characters in hours of battle with different combinations of swords, shields, guns and blades.

The game’s multiplayer element involves either fighting online in player vs. player battles, or joining up online with another player and challenging other two-person teams to do battle with you.

Heroes Lore is due to hit the App Store very soon, no details of price as yet.

Source: EA