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Been an iPhone user since the 4S, but now considering the Note 3 over 5s...

iPhone 5S or Galaxy Note 3

  • iPhone 5S

    Votes: 4 80.0%
  • Galaxy Note 3

    Votes: 1 20.0%
  • Stick with the 5

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  • Wait for the 6

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Sep 15, 2013
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I've always loved Apple products. Simple yet so complex, the looks are bar none.
I've been with Sprint for 10+ years, so the 4S was my first iPhone. (Side note- this site is extremely laggy, I have to type slow otherwise it skips characters..?)
I loved the 4S. No regrets.

I'm the type of guy who likes to try every new phone, so prior to it, I had had all the top of the line Androids, and they were all the same.
They'd work well for a month or so, and then start freezing, going slow, Apps crashing, etc. Never had that on the iPhone.

Jailbroke it, so I could customize it, and loved it even more. Then the 5 came out, loved it even more!
Had it for months and months, and then got kind of "bored" so to speak, just wanted to try something different.

I bought the Galaxy Note 2, it was great at first, but again, started going slow, and having problems after a month and a half. Traded it back for an iPhone 5.
Then the HTC One came out, and looked pretty cool, and with the 2 front facing speakers, and beats audio, I decided to give it a try. Hated it. Not a fan of HTC at all.
Traded back for a Note 2, and then iPhone 5 again (Noone would trade me the 5 for the One).

Then I was due for my upgrade, so I decided to give this "S4" a shot, since there was nothing but good reviews.
I loved it, but I hated it. I missed a few quirks about the iPhone, like the power button on top, speakers on the bottom, and some things the apps on the 5 did
differently vs. the S4. I hated the fact that I loved it!

Girl at work bought an iPhone 5, new, sold it to me a week later for $150. I switched back, hated it. The data speed was AWFUL. It took 6-7x as long to load
any webpage or Facebook content. Vine videos wouldnt play unless I was on WiFi or 4G, instagram wouldnt load many pictures, and I definitely couldnt upload.
I restored it twice, fresh start, didnt restore from a previous backup. Updated PRL, and checked all settings. ALWAYS getting the "o" around my job, instead of 3G.
My S4 streamed HD Netflix movies almost anywhere in that place, no buffering, same with YouTube and anything else. Pages loaded super fast, it was great.

I remember the 4S and my other 5's getting the "o" also, (Shows the o when it doesn't have any data connection), all over work. It was extremely frustrating.
At those times, I thought my job was just full of dead zones, since I hadn't had any other phones.

The "smaller" screen never used to bother me, but now I have glasses, and the smaller screen on the 5 vs. the S4 (Well, any other phone now really),
really irks me, and is hard to see some stuff.

I'm really considering the Note 3, vs. getting the 5S. I know ill eventually get the 5S just so I can at least try it, but I would like some opinions, or stories from you guys.

Does anyone else ever get the "o" where as everyone else on an Android OS phone has plenty of 3G?
Anybody else not "blown away" by the 5S? I know the "big" upgrades will be on the 6, but I guess I was expecting more than just a faster processor, fingerprint sensor, and iOS 7.
Why did/would you choose your iPhone over a comparable Android phone?

The screen size is a HUGE factor for me...


Some of your problems may be Sprint. Their data and phone service leaves a lot to be desired. I was a sprint customer for over 15 years just hoping after hope hints would get better, they never did. Switched to VERIZON happy so far. On the other devices, I have had android by Motorola and htc. And when there was a problem the phone people would say it was a software problem, and vice versa. With the iPhone the hardware and software mfgr is the same, so if there is a problem you go to Apple and tell the to fix, and they generally do so quickly. Just my 2 cents worth. Good luck

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Sep 15, 2013
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If you are waiting for a worthwhile update, wait for some time. The next flagship Android devices will be 64-bit when the OS & kernel will get updated to 64-bit. So, by the time Apple will launch iPhone 6. So now you have some serious devices to choose from.