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bberry to iphone help w features


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Aug 2, 2010
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Hey guys,
this is my 1st iphone and i was hoping to get some help as apple tech support was not. in fact im just annoyed now bc they didnt know anything.
I have been a blackberry user for a couple of years but with the new release of the iphone4 i figured i would make the switch. can you help me with the features of this phone or can you make recommendations of any apps that will help me accomplish what i want?
thanks in advance.
here goes:
1. Phone only-at night i like to silence all alerts except my phone incase of an emergency call. apple said i have to do everything individually.

2. PC email priority over phone email-this way i can delete emails on my phone but view later on my desktop later

3. view an email then mark as unread-reminds me to look at it later

4. signature for business email and none or different one for personal email

5. indicator of missed event w/o activating the display(like a blinking light on other phone)

6. message on wrong password screen that shows my contact info where to return the phone if lost. (i know fat chance but maybe w/ reward they would)

thanks again


Jun 27, 2010
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I doubt that iPhone would do most of the stuff that the blackberry can do. By the way, most of those feature is not a blackberry phone feature. Those are features are on the BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server) and they are pushed to your phone.

iPhone doesn't have multiple profiles like blackberry so you can only set one profile individually.

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