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Jul 19, 2010
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I've seen several star apps on itunes but wanted to get comments and recomendations from forum. Starmaps pro is $18. My personal problem is that I wind up buying several app before I find the one I like. I do not know anyone who has a star app so I can not see first hand. On other applications I find myself buying several different apps before I find the best one. Trying to get it right this time. Any recomendations from personal use?
I've tried Star Walk and pUniverse. Both are pretty cool. I bought pUniverse after trying them both.

I agree with your hesitation. Free trials need to be a part of expensive apps like these. Both of these are available on Installous if you want a free trial. I'll admit that I pirate the more expensive apps for that reason. I do uninstall the cracked apps that are worth the money and pay for them in the App Store. Did with this one, as well as TomTom USA.