Apple's Q2 2016 Financial Report Shows Sales Are Down

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    On Tuesday, Apple announced its earnings report for the seconds quarter of 2016. As predicted by several analysts, Apple's second fiscal quarter iPhone sales had its first ever decline. Below is a list breaking down Q2 2016 versus Q2 2015.

    Revenue: $50.6 billion (2016) vs. $58 billion (2015)
    iPhones: 51.2 million (2016) vs. $61.2 million (2015)
    iPads: 10.2 million (2016) vs. 12.62 million (2015)
    Macs: 4 million (2016) vs. 4.56 million (2015)

    Previously, Apple warned investors that the company would see a decline in sale during its previous earnings call. While sales are down, Apple still has two more quarters to fulfill of the fiscal year.

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