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Apple Working on Automatic Blood Pressure Monitoring Technology


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Jun 18, 2010
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Following on from recent news that Apple is working on a way of measuring blood pressure using the Apple Watch, AppleInsider today has news of a patent application that has just been made public that reveals that Apple is working on automatic blood pressure monitoring technology.

The new technology would involve “intelligent blood pressure monitoring,” where an alert would be triggered by special user-set parameters, or by data collected by sensors on devices such as the Apple Watch. These parameters could include after taking medication, or when the user was in a certain physical or psychological state, determined by the sensors. Other circumstances would also be taken into account when triggering (or not) an alarm, such as whether or not the user was in a meeting, or sleeping.

The patent also refers to continuous monitoring situations such as when a patient is in hospital, and does include the use of traditional blood pressure cuffs as well as other methods.

Yet more great news that Apple is really serious about making people’s lives better, and possibly even saving lives, by making such important health monitoring easier and more efficient.

Source: Apple investigating automatic blood pressure monitoring technology

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