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Apple Watch Sticky Digital Crown Issues Surface


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Jun 18, 2010
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As successful as the Apple Watch launch has been, no launch is without a few snags, and the Apple Watch is no exception. We’ve already had band-gate and tattoo-gate, and now, according to MacRumors, we have digital-crown-gate.

The digital crown is situated on the side of the watch and is the main input method for the watch other than touch.

Apparently, several Apple Watch owners on the MacRumors forums and Apple’s official support pages have been having problems with the digital crown getting stuck and becoming hard to turn. Some of those owners have explained that the crown feels stuck at first, and then loosens when turned, whereas others say that it is difficult to turn at all times.

“You just feel that it’s sticky at first as if there was a bit too much friction,” said one user.

Some have speculated that the problem could be caused by sweat on the crown leading to crystallized particles getting stuck, but it is not only those who are exercising that have had the problem. It seems to be mainly the Sport models that are affected, but some stainless steel watches have also been reported as having the issue.

When the watches have been taken to Apple stores, the owners have been told by Geniuses that the issue is not normal.

Some owners have solved the problem by rinsing the watch under water for 10 to 15 seconds, which is also recommended by Apple. This has not worked for everyone, however.

Source: Some Apple Watch Users Experiencing Sticky Digital Crown Apple Suggests Water Rinse to Fix - Mac Rumors