Apple Watch Saves Teenager’s Life

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    AppleInsider has yet another story today about how the Apple Watch heart rate monitor helped to save the life of someone wearing it.

    According to the original report from WFTS, 18-year-old Deanna Recktenwald of Tampa, Florida, was actually in a local church when her Apple Watch alerted her that her resting heart rate was as high as 190 beats per minute, and recommended that she get immediate medical attention.

    Deanna’s mother, Stacey, who is a registered nurse and therefore realised the seriousness of the alert, took her daughter to a walk-in clinic, and after that straight to the emergency room, where Deanna was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, having had no other previous symptoms.

    Stacey was so grateful to Apple for the way in which the Apple Watch had helped to save her daughter’s life that she wrote the company the following letter:

    Apple CEO Tim Cook sent a personal reply to Deanna and her mother and thanked them for her story.

    Source: Apple Watch heart rate monitor saves Florida teen's life
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