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Apple Watch In-Store Sales will be Reservation Only


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
As the month of March is coming to an end, the launch of the Apple Watch is getting closer and closer. Earlier this month Apple set the release date for the Apple Watch on April 24, with pre-orders beginning to take place April 10. If you were planning on walking into an Apple Store and picking one up instead of pre-ordering, it might take a bit longer to get one in your possession.

MacRumors acquired training documents for Apple Store employees showing how the in-store purchasing process will go down. The document reads that customers will need to make appointments to purchase an Apple Watch in-store. If a customer were to just walk in, an Apple employee would offer to let him or her try on a watch and help make an appointment to purchase one.

Remember that this only goes for in-store sales. Folks pre-ordering the device will get it by mail without the hassle of making an appointment. Apple seems to want one-on-one contact with people to help them get familiar with the device. It also looks like Apple will have low stock of the Watch during the first wave and will need to moderate sales. Either way, pre-ordering seems like a better idea.

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