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Apple TV - 8GB Memory, 256mb RAM, App Store Ready!


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

iFixit, the site that brings you each and every teardown of Apple products as they become available, has recently popped open the new Apple TV. Inside of the ATV they found some interesting things. Awhile back, Steve Jobs mentioned that the Apple TV could potentially have an App Store, just now was not the time. Personally, I think Apple should fix their current bugs before rolling out a new device on the App Store, I believe Steve thinks the same.

Back to the teardown, inside the Apple TV they were able to find that it have a lot of the same specs as the iPad and the iPod Touch. Similar to the iPad, the ATV has 256mb of RAM. This would give it plenty of power to support an App Store and to stream movies(which it currently does). Next found, 8GB of memory to support the current OS that it is running and to potentially be able to download Apps later on. The App Store should do fine with the A4 processor(same as the iPads) running inside.

Apple TV should now have more potential. This device has the ability to be Jailbroken, so I can't wait to get my hand on one.