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Apple spotted working on mysterious building in the Maiden camp


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Jul 27, 2011
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Wired has recently published a series of very intriguing photos that showcase an Apple construction site in Maiden, North Carolina getting a new addition in a form of a new “mystery” building. Theories have already been launched online about what this building is supposed to house and one of them is particularly interesting.

Rumor has it that the edifice is actually a “tactical data center”. The publication that stumbled upon these photographs, Wired, quoted Rackspace Chief Technology Officer John Engates who stated that what Apple is trying to hide from the public eye might be:
“a neutral spot where Apple partners can come and plug their gear into Apple’s grid without getting any exposure to the fantastic secrets housed in the larger 500,000-square-foot facility.”

In the area, Apple is working with 24 Bloom biogas converters that extract hydrogen from natural gas. Cupertino acquires the gas from Piedmont Natural Gas in order to produce electricity to power the iCloud data center. When the fuel cell farm is going to be ready, it will ensure around 4.8-megawatts of power and combine its power to the solar farm.

The images were obtained using a flying 1949 Piper PA-11 (Cub Special) iSpy Plane. Judging by the shots, the new construction seems to be approximately 20,0000-square-feet and is situated in the northwest of the main data centers.

The Maiden data center, which is worth $1 billion started working in 2011 and represents Apple’s answer to Greenpeace’s pleads who were constantly accusing Cupertino of not using renewable energy sources enough.

By Radu

Source: Exclusive Pics: Apple Breaks Ground at Mystery Data Center | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com