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Apple Shares Reach all Time High of $106.74 After Recent Earnings Reports


News Team
Nov 27, 2012
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It seems that Apple's business is flourishing these days, with excellent iPhone sales, constantly increasing shipments of its Mac products and the upcoming release of the Apple Watch. After Apple has recently made public its earnings report, the market has responded positively and Apple shares closed Tuesday at an all time high of $106.74.

However, despite the new record, it should be taken into account that Apple's shares have only appreciated 6.7 percent over the past two years since reaching a high point in September 2012.

But since May 20, this year, Apple's share have appreciated 23.57 percent and have paid out a one-half percent dividend, which shows just how fruitful this year has been so far.

And this could continue into 2015, as well, since Apple disclosed record spending on R&D that will mostly go on the new Apple Watch. But there's Apple Pay, the opening of more stores, the mix between Beats and iTunes, the unveiling of the new spaceship campus and much, much more.